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Bhangarh Fort Rajasthan

Bhangarh Fort is a site identified by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and is located in Rajasthan, between Delhi and Jaipur. The fort is strategically constructed...

Dumas Beach Gujarat

The haunted stories are usually related to old ruined forts, but this haunted place is something unique and never heard of. The only scary beach in India is that of Dumas...

Delhi - Delhi Cantt

It is heard that a lady in white clothes on the cantonment road seeks help from lonely motorists for a drop at nearby place. If the motorists do not stop, she takes vengeance by ...

Haunted Places in Chennai

Chennai is not just about rich history, majestic temples, long beaches and peaceful existence. There is one more side to the city which not many of us are aware of – the scary side. The places mentioned below are believed to be haunted and hence people think twice before coming here.

Madras Christian College

One of the prestigious institutions in Chennai, Madras Christian College, is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a student who committed suicide here, after his love was rejected by a girl. The spooky place is located at Herber Hall of the college.

Karikattu Kupam

Ever since the devastating tsunami of 2004 killed thousands of lives in this area, spirits of an old man and his 2 children, who were killed in the tragedy, are believed to be roaming around this area.

De Monte Colony

This is a posh area of houses which was originally inhabited by a rich but unhappy businessman and his family. Even today, there is a scary picture about this colony because security guards and pets seen in this area at late hours, have gone missing just like that.

Valmiki Nagar

At one particular house in this area, a girl committed suicide many years ago. Ever since that episode, people passing by this house have heard screams of the girl, doors being shut rapidly, sudden loss of mobile signal etc.

Blue Cross Road

This road is considered to be the favoured spot for people who want to commit suicide in Chennai. It is very tough for normal people to travel by this area during night hours, as they are aware of a large number of evil spirits roaming around here.

2 laned East Coast Road

If you thought East Coast Road was a paradise to drive by, think again! During the night hours, it is believed that evil spirits roam around this road, causing a large number of accidents here.

Besant Avenue Road

When you are travelling along this road, you might suddenly feel that you are being forcefully pushed by somebody or if you are unlucky enough, you might even get a tight slap from the evil spirits roaming here.

Broken Bridge

During the day, this place is great for film and serial shootings. However during the night hours, strange noises and scenes are spotted here, making this place a haunted joint in Chennai.

Anna Flyover

A building opposite the famous Anna Flyover has been in the news for many years for the presence of evil spirits that send out strange noises and signals during the day and night hours.

Theosophical Society

A huge, scary banyan tree makes this place quite uncomfortable to pass by, even during the night hours. In addition to that, people have heard a loud cry coming out from here during the evening hours, making it scarier.