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Bhangarh Fort Rajasthan

Bhangarh Fort is a site identified by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and is located in Rajasthan, between Delhi and Jaipur. The fort is strategically constructed...

Dumas Beach Gujarat

The haunted stories are usually related to old ruined forts, but this haunted place is something unique and never heard of. The only scary beach in India is that of Dumas...

Delhi - Delhi Cantt

It is heard that a lady in white clothes on the cantonment road seeks help from lonely motorists for a drop at nearby place. If the motorists do not stop, she takes vengeance by ...

Haunted Places in World

The Beechworth Lunatic Asylum, Australia

Australia gives you unique experience as much as it entertains with interesting locations. Abandoned asylums are perhaps the scary stones in Australia besides beauty of this area. Located in Australia’s Victoria region, renowned Beechworth Lunatic Asylum was originally famous as Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum. It remained a site of mental hospital from a long period from 1867 to 1995 and the hospital easily accommodated 1200 patients in one go. Such capacity made it huge hospital area. In a history of 130 years, approximately 9,000 patients have died in its premises. It is assumed that out of the so many people died, several souls of them still haunt this location each passing of the day. Often many visitors are augured to have a nighttime ghost tour here which is a bit difficult task to accept.

The Princess Theatre, Australia

In another location in Australia you can see haunted Princess Theatre that is assumed to be an eerie of Frederici ghost. The history explains about erstwhile Italian baritone singer, Frederici or Frederick Baker having died on the stage in 1888 while concluding a performance as Mephistopheles in Faust. It was then said that he died on the stage due to a trapdoor dropping beneath his feet that caused him to fall from the stage just to die of heart attack shock. Princess Theater continued the tradition to save a seat for Frederic during opening-night performances every year for several decades.

The Bhangarh Fort, India

Indian state Rajasthan’s Alwar district will definitely scare you through the Bhangarh Fort if you have still not been scared. Built in 1573, the ruins of this fort comprising of many temples, smaller living units and palaces still exist.

The stories go on that this fort turned into a perturbing one while one local wizard deeply fell in love with the Bhangarh princes. Instead of projecting interpersonal abilities to win the heart of princess, he rather used his black magic skills to woo her forcefully for that used magical bowl that failed to show any impact. The princes had understood such gimmicks through such plays and therefore threw that bowl against a huge boulder to get rid of it. That huge rock was literally shattered upon coming in touch of bawl and therefore rolled out moving towards wizard himself. While coming down under boulder, the said wizard used the last antics to curse entire town getting destroyed through turning into an uninhabitable place while his curse affected and he died. In no time, the city faced invasions and plunders became common scenes under which inhabitants as well as princess were killed in due course of time. The survivors of this fort left it to turn it into an abandoned one.

Such curse of the wizard still continues though and so do exist the souls of all those killed in the fort to turn into ghosts to haunt people today. The managers of this fort, the Archaeological Survey of India team advises visitors to follow the rule strictly by not staying at the fort during nighttime.

Aokigahara, Japan

You can definitely be a brave person if visited this haunted place anytime in your life. Internationally famed Suicide Forest of Japan namely, Aokigahara is located at the Mt. Fugi base. Good number of people has literally arrived here to die into such vast forest area where dense trees and vines make it horrible. Police usually take assistance from the locals while locating the bodies every year. Police deliberately avoid publicizing the counted number of bodies discovered by keeping in consideration that such steps could augur more suicides to increase. According to estimates, 108 people committed suicide at this place in 2004 itself. Local police has taken steps to convince the suicides through signboards placed on many locations to reconsider before taking their own lives that “Your life is a precious gift to your parents” and “Please consult with the police before you decide to die” message.

Good number of people does believe though that whole forest has ultimately been trapped by the souls of people having died earlier and therefore, it has turned into a haunted one now. Other stories contradict about the origination of haunting cases. One version of the story is that while famine engulfed Japan in the ancient era and large chunk of families couldn't be fed, they were abandoned in Aokigahara to die of starvation. The forest is haunted by their ghost souls, says a version of story.

Lulia Hasdeu Castle, Romania

Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu built the Lulia Hasdeu Castle in Campina, Romania when his 19-year-old daughter, Lulia died. It saddened him so much so that he literally dedicated the castle and his own life to Lulia thereafter. To get reconnected to her spirit and soul, he started practicing spiritualism to make it possible. One particular room of his castle was especially developed for that purpose only so that he could continue with the daily spiritual practices there. Room’s walls were painted in black where one can see Lulia haunting the castle even to this day. She has been seen in white dresses and daisies in hand while walking in the castle courtyard. One can listen to her playing piano every night in the castle premises.

Hell Fire Club on Montpelier Hill, Ireland

It was in 1725 that Hell Fire Club was built on Montpelier Hill for hunting purpose. Sooner it became rendezvous of small group of elites from Dublin who worshipped devils to involve into various types of wickedness activities.